COVID-19 update

06 May 2020Announcements

Greetings fellow time travellers. We’ve just returned from 1970 (top secret), only to find our beautiful planet in disarray. We hope that all of you are keeping safe, and we praise the frontline workers doing all they can to keep us healthy and to restore things to normality as quickly as humanly possible.

Saying that, we just wanted to update you that thankfully, our time travel abides to all social distancing rules, and therefore we’ve been able to stay very busy. Having visited a few amazing sporting moments over the last few decades, we’re now working hard to bring you new events, new news, and new experiences as quickly as our time machine allows us to.

Follow our social channels to get a view into the portal, and find out more. We hope to be able to take you back in time to when things were free and easy, very soon.

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