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About Rematch

Think of a great sporting moment that you wish you could have attended… now imagine we could sell you a ticket. Rematch is a new immersive experience that reimagines the greatest stories in sport. Our real-life events and virtual-world experiences provide a multi-sensory and exploratory journey, allowing fans of all ages to become a part of the narrative. We connect generations and reach beyond the boundaries of sports fans to inspire people with the greatest stories in sport. In 2019, we launched our pilot event with Wimbledon and we are now poised to launch new events with different sporting IP.

In the real-world, ticket holders start the experience well before the event as we build anticipation and excitement through archive film and photography. This is distributed via social media building backstory and characters. On the night we then ask fans to come dressed in the era. They are greeted by our cast of actors in character who give them roles to play and encourage audience participation. Fans can explore installations, fulfil challenges, interact with memorabilia, eat, drink and enjoy music of the time. This is before taking in a unique visual reinterpretation of the match using special effects, cutting edge technology, archive footage, and of course our actors.

In the virtual-world, we are developing ground-breaking Extended Reality experiences (AR and VR) alongside the latest NFT services in a way that reach mass audiences, engages them and delivers revenue.

Our plans are built on a touring model, whereby shows will launch in London and then go on the road internationally to the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Events will range in capacity with both general admission and VIP experiences. Multiple shows will be touring simultaneously, therefore multi-tasking and prioritisation will form an important part of the role. Runs will be of different lengths up to several months, potentially selling up to 100,000 tickets per location.